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Dealing with weapons and firearms charges in Toronto

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Dealing with weapons and firearms charges in Toronto

When it concerns guns, weapons, as well as firearms, the regulations of Canada are considered rather strict. In Ontario, it is considered illegal to have any tool or weapon for any function that may be deemed intimidating to the public peace.

One could just legitimately possess a weapon after complying as well as satisfying the stringent licensing needs. Nevertheless, it is possible for a qualified weapon holder to find themselves charged with a gun or weapons related violation despite the fact that they have a license. A whole lot relies on the situations. As an example, transporting and keeping weapons have to be done appropriately even if you have a certificate to possess them.

Being convicted in a guns or weapons case can leave lifelong implications and you need a competent criminal lawyer in Toronto to help defend your rights.  If you or a person you know is arrested for a gun or weapon related charge, the first thing you must do is to call the Toronto criminal law firm.


What Are Weapon and Gun charges?

The Criminal Code of Canada actually includes more than 70 codes relating to weapons and firearms. They are involved, made complex and also inter related. The advantage of having a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer by your side is the best way to go forward for this.


Some of the common weapon and gun charges are:

  • Possession of Dangerous weapons- having a weapon for an objective hazardous to the general public peace.
  • Use of Weapon– Usage of weapon, consisting of pointing it towards an individual, is illegal even if it is legally possessed and licensed.
  • Concealed Carry– The legislation bans lugging of a weapon hidden in any manner, unless you are authorized to do so under the Firearms Act.
  • Possession of Illegal Weapons– The code has a checklist of unlawful weapons, belongings which may result in criminal charges.

At the criminal law firm of Toronto, we safeguard your rights and help you get rid of the charges which can have lifelong implications. You can call or email us anytime to book your consultation and get the defence started right away.

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